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 Frequently asked questions

What is POWER SPONGE made of?
POWER SPONGE is made up of tiny fine fibres called melamine. The fibres in the sponge are so strong they are able to lift and trap dirt effortlessly.

Why is POWER SPONGE different to other sponges?
The tiny micro fibres in POWER SPONGE magnetically remove dirt from all hard surfaces, using water only. The sponge is also able to reach into uneven surfaces, removing dirt and grime where other sponges may not.

What surfaces can I use POWER SPONGE on?
POWER SPONGE is best suited to hard surfaces.

How long does the POWER SPONGE last?
A smooth surface as opposed to rough surface will prolong the life of the sponge. By cutting sponge to smaller sizes for smaller jobs will also allow sponge to last longer and by applying light pressure when using. POWER SPONGE can be used until it totally disintegrates, so you will know when it needs replacing.


POWER SPONGE is environmentally safe and friendly to sensitive skin.
POWER SPONGE lifts, grabs and traps dirt, grime and mould without the use of any chemical or detergent cleaning products.



POWER SPONGE Mark and Stain Remover

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